Versión en inglés del vídeo para “El Bucarito”

Versión en inglés del vídeo “El Bucarito – Origen Artesano”:

Para ver el vídeo, pulsa aquí.

– Hello, my name is Bucarita. Welcome to my house! Make yourself at home!

– I see you are enjoying your delicious country breakfast. Bon apetit!

– So we know each other better, i’ll tell you a few interesting things about us. This is the first processed food company from Rota. Do you know what a processed food company is? It is a company that produces food products from the countryside.

– We produce a variety of cheese and cold meats in a very special way, using assembly line production. You’ll understand this point better when you visit our factories. Are you ready? Let’s go!

– Here is where we make all our cheese. They taste really good! We make them with our goat’s milk. But do you know the most interesting thing about it is? That you can make your own! Yes, with your own hands! We are gonna teach you how to do it. But before we do, let’s continue exploring my house… Follow me!

– Look, these are our goats. Aren’t they funny? They are still little, but here they are all together, and thanks to this machine they have all the milk they need to grow up healthy and strong.

– Look, look at this! When they are grown up we milk them. You can milk their udders by hand, but thanks to these machines, they do it for us without hurting the goats.

– Now we are where we feed them. They have natural fodders that are made with cereals from our own fields. Our cultivated cereals are chemical free and we use animal manure from the farm. This way the goats grow up naturally and healthily.

– Shhhhhh… Don’t wake them up! Here’s where the little pigs are born. They are with their mums for the first few days of their life. Did you imagine they would be this little?

– These are the farm fields filled with natural grass and aromatic plants typical from the Cadiz province. Goats come here to run, jump and eat, of course. This natural grass contributes to the delicious milk they produce.

– On our farm we also breed raptor birds. Two specialists take care of them. We’ll meet them later. It’s incredible to see them flying!

– Uff, i’m hungry! And it´s almost time to do my favorite thing on this visit: have a tasty snack with our products. They are yummy and destined for my tummy!

– Well, it´s time to say goodbye! But just before you go, don’t forget to take your personalized cheese, that is waiting for you in our farm shop. Thank you for visiting us! Come back soon! Bye!



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